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  • When is the gym open for general members?
    Check the calendar on the home page for Open Gym hours and other programs
  • What equipment is available?
    A lot. So here is the breakdown: Squat Racks (6 total, 3 Samson and 3 PowerLift with Band Pegs) 11-Station Full-Body Selectorized Machine Circuit Westside Reverse Hyper PowerLift Unilateral/Bilateral Leg Press Prowlers and Sleds 4000+ lbs of weight Bumper Plates Olympic Bars Olympic Platforms Deadlift Platforms with Band Pegs PowerLift Glute Ham Developers Belt Squat Hammer Strength Decline Press Hammer Strength Low Row Hammer Strength Incline Press Full Set Fixed E-Z Curl Barbells Regular and Specialty Bars (Elite FTS Trap Bar, SS Yoke Bar, American Cambered Grip Bar, Swiss Bar, Rogue long-Body Trap Bar, Spider Bar, Duffalo Bar, Texas Deadlift Bars, Ohio Power Bars) Kettlebells: 18kg – 36kg Dumbbells: 5-125lbs 5-Station Multi-Stack Cable Crossover Samson Dedicated Competition Benches Battle Ropes Tires Sledgehammers Sandbags Elite FTS soft plyometric boxes Suspension Straps Titan Yoke Arsenal Strength Power Squat (COMING SOON!) Arsenal Strength Bent Over Row Bench (COMING SOON!)
  • Apart from the free weights, do you have cardio machines too?"
    Yes! We have spin bikes, a rower machine, a treadmill, sleds, prowlers, kettlebells, battle ropes, farmer’s walk bars, and two tires for those who like more creative and effective cardio options.
  • Do you allow chalk?
    Yep. Bring your own or use ours.
  • Can I drop weights when lifting?
    Yes, we allow weights to be dropped within reason. It means you are pushing yourself to get better. However, respect for the gym and others around you is always a pro move. Uncontroled lifts that could damage the weights, bar, flooring, concrete floor or hurt others around is not a good look and will be addressed if reported or noticed.
  • What should I do with the equipment when I'm finished?
    Put it back! Sure we are an old school gym and people know us as a gritty gym, but nobody likes a messy gym where they can't find what they are looking for. It is important to keep things in order and accessible for the next lifter. If you get it out, put it back! Super Simple!
  • Can I come any time the gym is open if I'm a Sport Performance member?
    No. Check our 'Calandar' page for up to date session times when coaches are scheduled to guide the athletes through their programs to ensure proper form and weight selection, provide spots for heavy lifts, motivate and keep a productive pace.
  • How many days per week can athletes train during Sport Performance?
    3 Days per week! Train hard, Recover. Train again.
  • Is it a class where everyone does the same thing?
    No. It's a group setting where each athlete is assessed and designed a program unique to them. They work on their program, at weights that make sense for them.
  • Are there Coaches there all the time?
    Yes, every session has between 1-3 coaches on the floor, making rounds, instructing and, providing feedback and guidance on form and weight selection along with the "push" we all need to perform our best.
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