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Boot Camp / HIIT Class

Looking for something to level up your training week and add an element of cardio / conditioning to your routine?  Check out our bootcamp!


Our Bootcamp is a challenging combination of weight lifting and cardio. We combine resistance training with challenging body weight exercises in a self-paced group setting to maximize your full physical and mental potential. 

This type of training is the perfect way to shake things up by getting your metabolism going with a full body workout. A great class for runners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes alike as well as those who want to look and feel better and improve their cardiovascular health without boring cardio machines.

Book a single session thru the calendar or sign up for the monthly membership and give it a try! 

Boot Camp


every month

Weights & High Reps to Rev Metabolism & Muscular Endurance.

2 Classes / week

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