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Welcome to Iron Athlete

Built for Lifters, Athletes & the driven.  Because Strength is for everyone

Daily Schedule
Gym Hours:
Starting 3/4/24



1. We utilize our new door system ALL THE TIME, not just during off hours.  If you'd like a tour or have questions

 contact us! i

2. Join Online (here), then be sure to check your email for an invitation from Kisi - the app used for door access.  Your phone will simultaneously be your "key" and proof of membership.  

About the Gym

 It's a weight room.   A training facility.  An old school gym.  Built for lifters, athletes and the driven.   

  We have all the equipment you'd need to conduct most any program - including collegiate.  With 6 squat racks, platforms, Olympic & power lifting bars, kilo plates, etc 

if you're focused on training,  lifting weights, finding your edge and leaving mediocrity behind,  

you belong right HERE.

Image by Alora Griffiths

What We Offer

We offer a variety of membership options designed to provide various levels of coaching and guidance - from zero to 100%..   If you're an experienced lifter, we've got the equipment for you.   If you're an athlete or preparing for a competition - you'll need a coach.  That's our wheelhouse.  If you're new to the weight room and want to learn in a group or private scenario - look no further.   We've designed our memberships to answer so many of the health and fitness questions and roadblocks.  
It doesn't matter what your experience level is or what your goals are – we're confident we can help.

local gym deadlift platform powerlifting weight room free weights

General Membership

Unlimited access to weightlifting equipment during gym hours.

youth athlete development sled push prowler sport training

Sport Performance

Individualized, sport-specific strength and conditioning programs.

female weight lifter lunge leg exercise

Women's Strength

Group strength training for women.

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Get In Touch

646 E. Main Street Lansdale, PA 19446


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